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Dual Citizenship Services

Dual Citizenship: Practice Areas

Many Americans of European descent, especially Italian and Irish, qualify for dual citizenship based on their heritage. Navigating this complex process sometimes requires representation in U.S. courts, and Cheryl offers an in-depth understanding of the unique issues involved in the citizenship recognition process. Her boutique practice based in New York City provides affordable assistance to these individuals and families. 

  • Court Orders for New York State Vital Records: Many immigrant families began their American journeys in New York. Unfortunately, New York State has one of the strictest privacy laws in the nation, requiring a court order to release an ancestor's birth certificate or to amend vital records. We can represent you to file an Article 78 petition to quickly get the court order you need to acquire the vital records essential to your citizenship application.

  • “One and the Same” Declaratory Judgement: When there are many name discrepancies for one of your ancestors that can't be amended, the consulate may require a court to issue a declaratory judgment affirming that the vital records all refer to the same, correct person. If there is any connection between you or the ancestor to New York or to Florida, we can assist you in acquiring this court judgment.

  • Application Preparation, Document Acquisition and Certification: Navigating the vital records regulations of various states can be daunting. We can work with you to ensure your eligibility for citizenship, then collect all of your documents, get all necessary certifications and apostilles, and assemble the package you will present to establish citizenship at the consulate or in Italy. 

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