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“I’m glad the court saw this lawsuit for exactly what it was — a frivolous attempt by a losing candidate to undermine the will of the voters,” Cheryl Forchilli, Washington’s attorney, said in a written statement.

"Forceful and direct, Forchilli traveled to the Capitol this week to lobby for passage of laws that would give the ethics commission more power."

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"We are pleased the Commission has begun their investigation as we fully expect its conclusion to clear Ms. Valdes of any wrongdoing so she can continue working on behalf of Hillsborough County students without this unnecessary distraction," wrote Tampa attorney Cheryl Forchilli

"This state has been rocked by ethics scandals from one end to the other over the past year," said Cheryl Forchilli of Tampa, head of the bipartisan, nine-member commission. "The public consciousness has really been raised to the level of corruption and unethical practices. If there's ever been political will, it's going to be now. We've attempted to craft proposals that don't overreach."

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